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Photos of some of Story Circle's performers

Word Plays at the Cabaret
Our Fourth Season: 2017

Sundays at 2:00 pm   $10 (at the door only, cash/check)

The new-old art of storytelling is a blend of theater, stand-up comedy, reminiscence around the campfire, folk research, history buzz, ancient myth and midnight confession. It's always fascinating and always a surprise.

Over a dozen performers will be telling during this season. At each Word Play, a different group of performers tell rarely heard contemporary and traditional stories celebrating the human spirit. You will discover that Word Plays is a shared experience between the audience and the performer, combining the intensity of a solo performer with the intimacy of a face-to-face conversation.

Each show has its own theme where each story told relates to that theme.

Click here to watch many of our performers tell stories.

Siri Allison is the host. For more information, please call (518) 854-3998.

Sept. 10 The morning isnít the only time when people wake up. Come hear stories about people who had unexpected awakenings which changed their lives. Storytellers: Al Budde, Betty Cassidy, Christie Keegan, Claire Nolan, Margaret French, Sandy Schuman, Nancy Marie Payne.

Oct. 8 Catalysts are people or things which speed up a chemical reaction or cause events to happen. Come hear the little known stories about the people behind some changing events. Storytellers: Betty Cassidy, Christie Keegan, Joe Doolittle, Kate Dudding, Kelvin Keraga, Margaret French, Nancy Marie Payne, Siri Allison and Suzanne Seay.

Tellabration! - Challenges
Nov. 5 Challenges can be: refusals to accept something as true, correct, or legal; difficult tasks or problems; attempts to defeat someone in a competition. Come hear stories, both fact and fiction, about people coping with some of life's challenges.

Our previous seasons: the first, second, and third.

Photos of some of Story Circle's performers