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Story Sundays: Stories and Traditions From the Iroquois Longhouse, Apr. 9

Story Sundays: Voice of the Mountains: Jeanne Robert Foster, an Adirondack Legacy, May 7

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Photos of some of Story Circle's performers

Word Plays -- Our Fourth Season
September 2010 - April 2011

Sept. 26 Alden (Joe) Doolittle and Joe Peck
  Two of the region’s most memorable and irrepressible storytellers join voices to spin stories about generating and experiencing enthusiasm –that rush of shared joy - in life, at work and at play. For these two, life, work and play can occur simultaneously, which can add to the enthusiasm.

The Dark
Oct. 31 Marni Gillard and Nancy Marie Payne
  THE DARK: mysterious, calming, scary. Marni Gillard and Nancy Marie Payne will prickle your skin and tickle your funny bone in the wondrous DARK. It’s HALLOWEEN. Come for story treats, but be alert for tricks.

Jan. 23 Kate Dudding and Jeannine Laverty
  Photo of Julia Child on PBS TV show Savoring food, friendship, the challenges of life -- stories have been showing us how to do this for centuries. Come listen with relish!

Kate Dudding tells true stories about people who made a difference. This past July, Kate won the story slam (story competition) at the National Storytelling Conference in Los Angeles. Jeannine Laverty has been telling international folk tales since 1979 when teaching English as a second language to immigrants in New York City. She is one of the most popular and most beloved storytellers in this area. Together they share stories, including one about Julia Child, that will entertain you during the telling and give you memories worth having.

A SPECIAL WAY TO ENHANCE YOUR SAVORING: As you enter The Fenimore Gallery at Proctors on January 23, you can purchase an optional dessert buffet ticket for $10 – this includes an assortment of desserts, including at least one from a Julia Child recipe, as well as coffee or tea that you can enjoy before and during the performance. Proceeds will go to support Story Circle productions.

*** JULIA’S KITCHEN WISDOM *** This book, based on Julia’s personal kitchen notebook, will be for sale at this performance.  Thanks to The Open Door Bookstore and Gift Gallery,  book sales will benefit Story Circle productions.  Also anyone bringing their Word Plays ticket stub to The Open Door after the event (Monday, January 24 or later) will be offered a 25% discount on one item.

Against the Odds
Feb. 27 Siri Allison and Janet Carter
  Photo of a bottle of wine from Cascade Mountain Winery You never can tell what will get you through! Janet and Siri tell stories of resilience, tenacity and luck.

Siri Allison started acting classes when she was 12 years old because she was too shy to present oral reports in class. She continued acting, finding her niche with alternative audiences, especially the residents of homeless shelters. After the birth of her children, she began telling stories in the public school classrooms, concentrating on subjects that complement NY’s Learning Standards. Janet Carter ’s acting past shows in her love of character and dialogue. As a teller, she’s performed at retreat centers, domestic violence shelters, libraries, churches, prisoners’ benefits, senior centers and community gatherings.

*** NEW BENEFIT FOR OUR AUDIENCE *** Come early for The Greenmarket at Proctors and use your Word Plays ticket for a 10% discount at Cascade Mountain Winery.

Tales and Tails With A Twist
Mar. 27 Christie Keegan, Dee Ellen Lee and Frank Wind
  Photo of a bottle of wine from Cascade Mountain Winery Join Christie, Dee and Frank as they charm, surprise and amuse you with stories from here, there and everywhere. Expect the unexpected!

Christie Keegan’s personal stories weave together the wonders of childhood, questions of adolescence and stark realities of adulthood. No matter the topic of the tale, audiences often claim the rhythm of her stories echoes their own experience. In addition to being entertaining, her hope is that this common bond increases our tolerance and understanding of ourselves and each other. With the same intent, she tells folk tales, myths and tall tales from many cultures - hoping the audience will hear what is common to us all as well as what makes each of us unique.

Click here to watch Christie tell her personal story "Learning to Sing."

Just as programs by Frank-Lee Speaking combine traditional folktales and original stories, Frank Wind and Dee Ellen Lee represent the ‘old’ and ‘new’. Dee has entertained internationally for more than 20 years. Her training in expressive arts, speech and theatre adds warmth, sensitivity and dramatic flair, captivating her audiences. Frank brings a fresh perspective to many of the old “standards” and is constantly writing new material. He has turned much of his corporate experience into very lively tales. They tell both solo and in tandem.

*** NEW BENEFITS FOR OUR AUDIENCE *** Come early for The Greenmarket at Proctors and use your Word Plays ticket for a 10% discount at Cascade Mountain Winery. PLUS free coffee and cookies at intermission!

Hanging On
Apr. 17 Betty Cassidy, Margaret French and Claire Nolan
  Photo of a bottle of wine from Cascade Mountain Winery Sometimes in life you just need to hang on. Come listen to stories which you'll want to hang on to and remember the next time life smacks up upside the head.

Betty Cassidy, as a parent and a Speech and English teacher for many years, has witnessed and used the power of the story to teach, amuse, and motivate others. Since retirement from full-time teaching, she has found more time to develop her skills as a teller through workshops, Story Circle events, and presenting her own stories as often as possible. She continues to expand her program options as she finds new venues where she can share her enthusiasm for the joy of stories!

Click here to watch Betty tell her personal story "Ethelinda."

Margaret French has devoted herself to writing and telling the stories she has always loved since retiring from Union College where she directed the Writing Center. She believes that stories are great fun and for almost everyone they are a favorite way to share ideas and values. She has performed for adults at community events, libraries, senior centers, coffee houses and Tellabration, and to children in schools and children's groups in New York, Connecticut, and Texas.

Click here to watch Margaret tell her personal story "The Last Time They Visited Vermont."

As a teacher of English as a Second Language, Claire Nolan tells stories, many of them true, to international students and immigrants. She currently teaches at SUNYA. She has most recently been telling tales at the Emma Treadwell Thacher Nature Center in Berne. Claire can also be seen in area middle schools, high schools and colleges telling the story of Mary Harris Jones (Mother Jones) through the Schenectady Theater for Children Great Minds Series.

Click here to watch Claire tell her personal story "My Grandmother's Lap."

*** NEW BENEFITS FOR OUR AUDIENCE *** Come early for The Greenmarket at Proctors and use your Word Plays ticket for a 10% discount at Cascade Mountain Winery. PLUS free coffee and cookies at intermission!

Story Circle is one of the first resident storytelling companies
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Photos of some of Story Circle's performers