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Our Third Season:
September 2009 - April 2010

Adirondack Character(s)
Sept. 20 Dan Berggren and Alden (Joe) Doolittle
  Tall tales and musical memories of the Adirondack people and their land will be sung and spun by two of the regions most entertaining performers in the opening of the third season of Word Plays at Proctors.

Oct. 18 Betty Cassidy and Margaret French
  Sometimes thoughtful, more often hilarious stories about our sense of place. About wandering and discombobulation. About leaving home. About feeling like a foreigner. About longing for home, often to discover that we found it long ago.

Oh Sh*t
Jan. 17 Claire Nolan and Frank Wind
  These stories are so unusual or unbelievable that they must be shared. Things like this have happened to us; they’ve probably happened to you, too! Your only response to these personal stories and folktales will be, "Oh Sh*t!"

Feb. 21 Mary Murphy and Nancy Marie Payne
  Anyone who has ever wanted something, really wanted it, knows that hunger doesn't only pertain to food. This afternoon, our tellers will explore the humor, longings and driving desire behind hunger.

Mar. 14 Janet Carter and Marni Gillard
  Our shenanigans may tickle your funny bone or dampen your eyes. You’ll travel to the Emerald Isle and beyond, but you don’t have to be Irish to find yourself in these tales.

Bumps in the Road
Apr. 18 Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi and Karen Pillsworth
  Lessons we've learned along the way. Some of life's most interesting lessons are discovered by accident. Come hear stories of mothers and daughters, sons and husbands, and a plethora of cousins who have helped shape their lives. You are in for an afternoon of humorous and heart-warming tales.

Word Plays was inspired by 2nd Story, produced by Serendipity Theatre in Chicago.

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