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Photo of Aditya Agashe Aditya Agashe graduated from Shaker High School and was been part of the Children at the Well (Youth storytellers for peace and understanding) for three years.   He fell in love with storytelling at a very young age, as his grandmother used to tell him many cultural stories. He has performed at numerous storytelling events including Tellabration at Proctors, has represented Children at the Well on the radio, and was selected as a New York State Finalist in the National Youth Storytelling Showcase. Additionally, he enjoys playing chess competitively and partakes in robotics competitions through his school's robotics team. Photo ca. 2005.

2019 update: Adi is a Program Manager at Microsoft and studied Computer Science and Business at Cornell University. Previously, he founded Belle Applications, a company that built and optimized software platforms for businesses and was the Head of Product at Speare, a SaaS news analytics startup. He is co-author of Swipe to Unlock: The Primer on Technology and Business Strategy.

Photo of Siri Allison Siri Allison started acting classes when she was 12 years old because she was too shy to present oral reports in class. She fell in love with the theater, and continued acting, finding her niche with alternative audiences, especially the residents of homeless shelters. After the birth of her children, she began telling stories in the public school classrooms, concentrating on subjects that complement NY's Learning Standards.

Click here to watch Siri tell the Norwegian story "The Husband Who Was to Mind the House."

Photo of Claire Beetlestone Born into a family of musicians, artists, writers, and actors by night, but who were teachers, journalists, CPAs, and psychologists by day, Claire Beetlestone follows right in their footsteps. The mother of five, she has been a docent to a tropical zoo, a dancer, and an art impresario. Dr. Beetlestone is a practicing specialist physician and calls Cooperstown, NY or Argyllshire, Scotland "home" when she is there. She has traveled from America through Europe, Africa, and Asia. Listening along the way, Dr. Beetlestone has collected stories and legends, specializing in international folktales, making sure to leave a few of her own behind.
Photo of Fran Combs Berger Fran Combs Berger was born in Oklahoma, in the heart of Tornado Alley, in a town where the major employer was a smelter. She and her twin sister were born into a family of ten in the 1950s. Surviving killer twisters and the environmental havoc wrought by the smelter, she has since lived in California and Colorado, eventually settling in New York. She tells stories, and has a Massage Therapy and Reiki practice. She has performed on land and water, at parties, schools, libraries and festivals. Her specialties include folk tales, stories of the rural west, and personal recollections.
More info on Fran

Click here to watch Fran tell the English story "Like Meat Loves Salt."

Photo of Dan Berggren Dan Berggren 's roots are firmly in the Adirondacks where he was raised but his music has branched out across many borders. The award-winning musician and educator grew up on the land farmed by his mother's family for generations and has worked in the woods with forest ranger and survey crews. Hearing stories and songs from local friends and neighbors, Dan has developed a style that captures the spirit of the mountains. berggrenfolk.com

Click here to watch Dan tell about and sing his song "Old Green Sweater."

Photo of Eshu Bumpus Eshu Bumpus captivates his audience by telling a variety of African, African-American and World folktales leavened with music, humor and mystery. Eshu is a renowned storyteller, an accomplished jazz vocalist and a master at physical characterization. He has performed on the Exchange Place stage at the National Festival (1998), and performed 36 sold out shows in 13 days at the Smithsonian (1997). After appearing at the 10 Annual Connecticut Storytelling Festival (1991), Eshu was acclaimed as," … a fresh, responsible and knowledgeable voice... distinct and compelling... the hit of the Festival. Eshu.FolkTales.net
Photo of Kent Busman Kent Busman is the director of Fowler Camp and Retreat Center, a youth camp in Speculator, NY. Kent is also an ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America, living in Scotia, NY. Kent uses storytelling as more than just entertainment – he also sees it as a wonderfully subversive way of teaching. Kent believes that telling stories of caring for the world, tales of wonder and joy, and stories of faith and hope, help to remind the listeners not only of how special the world is, but helps clarify our role in it too.
More info on Kent

Click here to watch Kent tell the Native American story from the Pacific Northwest "How Raven Freed the Daylight and How Loon Lost Her Voice."

Photo of Regi Carpenter Regi Carpenter is a fourth generation "river rat" who grew up on the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands region of Northern New York. Her stories, folktales, and myths are full of a great river, magnificent and immense, and the people who inhabit its shores. Regi is the winner of many awards for her performances and recordings. She has also been featured at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN. soaringstories.com
Photo of Janet Carter Janet Carter 's acting past shows in her love of character and dialogue. (She shared stages with Veronica Lake and Sopranos star Tom Aldrich, among others.) As a teller, she's performed at retreat centers, domestic violence shelters, libraries, churches, prisoners' benefits, senior centers and community gatherings. What is the difference between an actress and a story teller? Well, for one thing, a teller has the delight of looking at her audience while she shares life's wonders.

Click here to watch Janet tell the traditional story "The Peddlar."

Photo of Betty Cassidy Betty Cassidy, as a parent and a Speech and English teacher for many years, has witnessed and used the power of the story to teach, amuse, and motivate others. Since retirement from full-time teaching, she has found more time to develop her skills as a teller through workshops, Story Circle events, and presenting her own stories as often as possible. She continues to expand her program options as she finds new venues where she can share her enthusiasm for the joy of stories!
More info on Betty

Click here to watch Betty tell her personal story "Ethelinda."

Photo of Peggy Cimino Peggy Cimino Peggy Cimino spent years teaching elementary school and using storytelling to teach and enrich the lives of children. She found storytelling to be an effective teaching tool in all areas of the curriculum. After retiring she has been invited to schools to tell stories that celebrate holidays, kick-off reading programs and enhance special projects. She enjoys telling at libraries, museums, church groups and other community gatherings. Peggy knows the power stories have to bring history to life, make us laugh, renew our spirits, and bring understanding and peace to one another.
More info on Peggy

Click here to watch Peggy tell the traditional folk tale "Trouble."

Photo of Carol Connolly Stories have always been a part of Carol Connolly's life. She grew up listening to her father's tales of her great-grandfather's search for a better life in America and of her Uncle Joe's yarns of his youthful escapades. So, it was natural for her to turn to story as a way to reach children and adults. Carol presented programs for civic organizations, community events, in schools, libraries, museums, churches, and festivals in New York, New England, and North Carolina. Carol was half of the storytelling duo Tales 'n Tunes and member of the acclaimed storytelling quartet, Four Stories High. She and her husband have retired to North Carolina.
Photo of Lâle Davidson Lâle Davidson is a writer, storyteller, and English professor. For ten years, she performed all over the Capital District with The Snickering Witches, telling folktales that featured strong, clever women. She has been teaching fiction, public speaking and composition at SUNY Adirondack for 20 years, plays viola, and lives with her small, happy family in Saratoga Springs. Her original story, "The Haunting of Zelda," was performed in the opera, "Billie and Zelda" by OperaDelaware in 1998, and her literary and experimental fiction has been published in a variety of small magazines.

Click here to watch Lâle tell her personal story "The Haunting of Zelda."

Photo of Alden (Joe) Doolittle by Simon Brooks
Photo by Simon Brooks
Alden (Joe) Doolittle began storytelling when his children were young (a long time ago) and realized it was also good method to motivate and teach staff. Joe is a retired healthcare executive and volunteer chaplain at Albany Med. He listens for stories in all aspects of his life and collects those he believes will entertain and teach others. Joe has a particular interest in local historical stories. He uses storytelling with clients, students, and audiences regionally. He is also a producer of Word Plays, Story by Story, and First Mondays Tales & Stuff. Contact him at Joe@StoryCircleAtProctors.org
More info on Joe

Click here to watch Joe tell his personal story "Pop's Whisper."

Photo of Kate Dudding Kate Dudding creates entertaining, heartwarming and memorable stories about real people who made a difference. Since 1995, she has told stories at many venues in the Northeastern USA including The Clearwater Festival (Croton-on-Hudson, NY), First Night Saratoga (Saratoga Springs, NY), and The Norman Rockwell Museum (Stockbridge, MA). She has been commissioned to create stories by The New-York Historical Society in New York City, The Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site in Albany, The Empire State Aerosciences Museum in Schenectady and Easton Library. Many of her five CDs have received national storytelling awards. In 2010, she won the story slam (competition) at the National Storytelling Conference in Los Angeles telling a personal story. She is also a producer of Word Plays. Contact her at Kate@StoryCircleAtProctors.org KateDudding.com

Click here to watch Kate tell one of her stories about Julia Child."

Photo of Margaret French Margaret French believes in the magic of stories. She enjoys writing and telling stories of her Canadian heritage, her home in upstate New York, folktales from around the world, and personal and family stories that reflect her gently humorous take on the foibles of humankind. She performs often throughout the Capital District and beyond. You can read many of her stories on her blog at margaretfrench.com.

Click here to watch Margaret tell her personal story "The Last Time They Visited Vermont."

Photo of Marni Gillard Marni Gillard once taught Niskayuna middle schoolers and now freelances as a teacher-artist and education consultant. The book Storyteller, Storyteacher traces her journey into storytelling and the transformation it brought to her classroom and her life. Without a Splash: Diving into Childhood Memories is a CD of triumph and trauma tales that helps children and adults storytell memories. Meet Marni at MarniGillard.com

Click here to watch Marni tell "The Fisherman and His Wife" by Jane Yolen.

Photo of Karen Glass After 22 years, Karen Glass changed careers from teacher to Keene Valley town librarian and is now surrounded by stories. She collects stories from around the world and offers them to listeners of all ages. She weaves a spell for her listeners, holding their hands, their eyes and their hearts through snowstorms and fires and beautiful gardens. She weaves the spell of stories of times past and places of fantasy. She has children believing they are native people listening to their stories, learning and laughing as they listen. Adults are drawn in to the stories and find the truth of the stories in their hearts. karenglasslive.com
Photo of Micki Groper Micki Groper has been telling stories for the past 22 years to her nursery school students and combines Bible stories and song leading to teach children at her temple. She became a member of the Story Circle of the Capital District after attending the Riverway Storytelling Festival several years ago. Micki has been married to her high school sweetheart for 40 years and their family includes two daughters, one dog, two cats, a turtle, a hog-nosed snake, three hermit crabs and a tank full of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches!

We were very sad to learn that Micki Groper passed away on April 15, 2017.

Photo of Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi has an eclectic mix of folktales, literary tales, myths and tall tales that enables her to tell stories to all manner of audiences, both young and old, in libraries, churches, retirement homes, schools, conferences and festivals. She finds the experience of sharing stories through the spoken word to have a profound power to enlighten and educate and conducts storytelling workshops for adults and teachers. Lorraine's first book, Wisdom in the Telling: Finding Inspiration and Grace in Folktales and Myths Retold was published in 2006. LorraineTells.com

Click here to watch Lorraine tell her personal story "Irish Grandmothers and Sex Education Part 1 ."

Photo of Adam Hoffman Adam Hoffman was born and raised in Latham, NY where his parents instilled in him a love for stories and reading. When he was in college, he discovered storytelling and Joined Story Circle. Adam works to learn a new folk tale every month spanning cultures across the globe, with a knack for giving his characters unique voices. He is currently studying for his Master's Degree at the University at Albany in hopes of someday becoming a librarian.
Photo of Becky Holder Becky Holder is a storyteller/writer living on the shore of Keuka Lake in New York. Her repertoire encompasses world tales, literary stories and personal memoir told in schools, libraries, churches, coffee houses, retreats, and family dinners. In a parallel life, Becky has been a teacher of students from kindergarten through university and she often tells the tales of those classroom adventures. Becky is a member of SweetLand Storytellers, an ensemble which brings the art of storytelling to adult and high school audiences.
Photo of Christie Keegan Christie Keegan Christie Keegan's personal stories weave together the wonders of childhood, questions of adolescence and stark realities of adulthood. No matter the topic of the tale, audiences often claim the rhythm of her stories echoes their own experience. In addition to being entertaining, her hope is that this common bond increases our tolerance and understanding of ourselves and each other. With the same intent, she tells folk tales, myths and tall tales from many cultures - hoping the audience will hear what is common to us all as well as what makes each of us unique.

Click here to watch Christie tell her personal story "Learning to Sing."

Photo of Kelvin Keraga Kelvin Keraga is an actor, storyteller and writer living in Greenwich, New York. He has produced and performed in an evening of ghost stories, Whispering Bones, for the last ten years. (Contact him at antlerbones@yahoo.com for information on upcoming shows). Favorite acting roles include Bruce in Marie and Bruce, Basil in The Diviners, and the Fool in King Lear. He helped save Erica’s baby on All My Children and was murdered in the subway in a low-budget movie, Underground Terror. His performance of his story “The Potato Man” has been selected for the National Storytelling Network's streamed Halloween Legends and Lore event on October 22-23, 2021 ( Storynet.org/Halloween). His story, “A Light Snow Falling” is currently a finalist in the Tiferet Journal Fiction Writing Contest.
Photo of Louise D. Koenig Louise D. Koenig loved to write stories and poems. As an elementary school teacher for over thirty years, she wrote plays for her students to perform. In the 1990's she performed for Albany Civic, Schenectady Civic, Highlight Acting, Masque Theater as well as other groups, and took courses in theater and literature at The University at Albany. As part of the 2006 Riverway Storytelling Festival, she took a storytelling course with Frank-Lee Speaking. Since then, Louise joined Story Circle and wrote five stories, including some personal stories.

Click here to watch Louise tell her personal story "If You Like Nightmares, Travel Today."

We were very sad to learn that Louise Koenig passed away on December 11, 2013.

Photo of Jeannine Laverty Jeannine Laverty has been telling international folk tales since 1979 when her work teaching English as a second language to immigrants in New York City showed her firsthand how the U.S. is made up of cultures from all the countries of the world. Her school residencies and museum performances have been awarded funding from the NYS Council on the Arts, the New York Foundation for the Arts, and the National Institute for the Humanities. In 1999 she received the Leadership Award for the Northeast Region from the National Storytelling Network.
More info on Jeannine

Click here to watch Jeannine tell the Jeanne Robert Foster story "Second Wind."

Photo of Stephen W. Leslie Stephen W. Leslie is a hospice and hospital chaplain. He has 38 published poems and essays in the U.S.A., England, Australia and Japan. In 2011 he was awarded the silver medal in poetry after an international competition in Japan. He has eight years of experience teaching Economics at the college level. He is a frequent speaker at the Front Parlor series. The Moth Storytelling sessions in New York City recently recruited him to speak at the Moth Main Stage which will be featured on National Public Radio in 2013. He lives in Schoharie with his pet rock.
Photo of Eileen Egan Mack Eileen Egan Mack grew up in Ballston Lake, NY where her mother, the school librarian, shared her love of books and passed on her love for telling stories aloud to her four daughters and many, many school children. During Eileen's career as an educator in northern New York, her storytelling helped charm the children while enriching their lives and language learning. When she discovered the works and words of Jeanne Robert Foster, Eileen was compelled to put together a one woman show in which she portrays the Adirondack writer and tells the stories of the Jeanne's Adirondack neighbors of yesterday. Since moving to the Capital District, the Story Circle was a fortuitous find for the recently retired speech therapist as she was looking for ways to grow as a storyteller. With gratitude to the area's fellow storytellers and to the Story Circle and its believers, Eileen is happy to participate in this very special Tellabration 2011.
More info on Eileen

Click here to watch Eileen tell "Goldilocks with a Twist."

Photo of Betty McCanty Betty McCanty took up storytelling after she retired as a high school English teacher—and has been telling and teaching storytellers for more than 25 years. For Mother's Day, Saratoga Today published an article about her, for she is not only a popular storyteller, she is also 87 years old and a beloved mother of eight, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She was recently the featured teller at the Saratoga Storytelling Open mic for a nearly sold out audience.

Click here to watch Betty tell a personal story "Niagara Falls."

We were very sad to learn that Betty McCanty passed away on July 12, 2018. You may read her obituary here.

Photo of Alan McClintock A storyteller for the past 20 years, Alan McClintock has been featured at public schools, libraries, and at the New York State Museum. He has also performed at the Dance Flurry Festival for 18 years, Schoharie Crossing, the Riverway Storytelling Festival, the Hudson River Revival Festival, Story Sundays, and the 2006 Albany History Fair. His programs include folktales from around the world; personal stories; and Once Upon a Time in Albany: Stories of Growing Up in an Urban Environment.
More info on Alan

Click here to watch Alan tell the folktale "The Golden Child."

Photo of Linda McKenney Linda McKenney is self-employed as a Senior Wellness Coach, Conscious Aging Facilitator, Story Teller and Writer. She is a perpetual student, on a never-ending journey of self-discovery. Her current, exceptional teachers are her nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild who continually remind her that life is unpredictable, joyous and a great adventure. You can currently find Linda touring the area, impersonating Susan B. Anthony and Carrie Chapman Catt. www.majok.org

Click here to watch Linda tell a personal story "Arthur."

Photo of Anne Marie McLaughlin Anne Marie McLaughlin grew up in Scotland and Ireland. She worked as a librarian in Greenock, Scotland and at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. After marrying a Yank, she Was a family day care provider for 28 years, retiring in 2011. Anne Marie enjoys volunteering at Whitney Book Store run by Friends of Schenectady County Library. She lives in Scotia, New York and enjoys telling family stories.

Click here to watch Anne Marie tell a personal story "My Mother's Wake."

Photo of Bonnie Mion In her work as a psychotherapist/life coach over 20 years, Bonnie Mion has learned how the power of our personal stories can transform our lives. She sees storytelling as a tool for empowerment and learning. Bonnie also teaches and performs one of the most ancient and wholistic movement forms in the world; Middle Eastern dance. Tales of history, the Middle East, Egypt, and dancers especially intrigue her.
Photo of Motoko Motoko is an award-winning storyteller who enchants audiences of every age with her weaving of ancient lore, original tales, lyrical movement and traditional music. Her repertoire includes Asian folktales, Zen tales, comical tales from rakugo (a Japanese traditional style of storytelling), funny mime vignettes, as well as personal stories from her childhood in Japan and her life as an immigrant in the U.S. Motoko was a New Voices Featured Teller at the 35th Annual National Storytelling Festival in 2007. Motoko.FolkTales.net
Photo of Mary Murphy Mary Murphy is a writer/storyteller. She has performed at the National Storytelling Festival, the Hawaii Storytelling Festival, the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, the Clever Gretchen Storytelling Festival at Syracuse University and the University of Rochester Storytelling Festival. She has also performed at local libraries, schools, museums and historical sites as well as at the Albany Institute of History and Art's Festival of Trees. Her stories have been published in the anthologies: Give a Listen and A Solstice Evergreen. MurphyWong.net

Click here to watch Mary tell the traditional Appalachian story "The Haunted House."

Photo of Eliud Nieves Eliud Nieves is a storyteller and artist from Ithaca, New York. His love for stories began as a toddler in his native Puerto Rico when his mother would put him to sleep with stories. He grew up in New York City where he worked as an elementary school teacher for many years. From there he moved to Central Florida, where he worked as an Art and Drama teacher and founded The Brevard County Storytelling Festival for Children.

Eliud tells multicultural stories, folktales and original stories. and2make3.com

Click here to watch Eliud tell the traditional story "King Solomon's Ring ."

Photo of Merideth Nieves Merideth Nieves is a storyteller and photographer from Ithaca, NY. She is a former music teacher and often incorporates music into her storytelling. Merideth has written original music for some of her stories as well.

She has been known for her vivid imagination and dramatic storytelling since childhood. Coupled with many fond memories of impromptu family performances with her sisters are the bigger-than-life accounts of everyday life and the many times she tried to weasel her way out of a mess with her wild tales. Sometimes being a storyteller can get you into trouble! She currently tells all kinds of tales, the good kind, anywhere they’ll have her.

Photo of Claire Nolan As a teacher of English as a Second Language, Claire Nolan tells stories, many of them true, to international students and immigrants. She currently teaches at SUNYA. She has most recently been telling tales at the Emma Treadwell Thacher Nature Center in Berne. Claire can also be seen in area middle schools, high schools and colleges telling the story of Mary Harris Jones (Mother Jones) through the Schenectady Theater for Children Great Minds Series.

Click here to watch Claire tell her personal story "My Grandmother's Lap."

Photo of Colette Odell A native of Oneonta, Colette Odell enjoys listening, reading, writing, and telling stories. She belongs to three local story circles and serves on the boards of Church Women United and Schenectady Interfaith. Ask Colette about her grandson, Tavin.
Photo of Barbara Palumbo Barbara Palumbo began telling stories in the late 1980’s to residents in juvenile facilities. She discovered that storytelling engaged and entertained the young men and women while simultaneously reflecting on commonalities of human experiences through the characters of the stories. She believes that telling stories enables the storyteller to leap over cultural walls, embrace different experiences, and feel what others feel. The first story she remembers hearing (at the age of four) was “The Fisherman and his Wife” told by a wonderful storyteller named Mrs. Walters, who worked in her daycare.
A sketch of and by Gil Payette Gil Payette is originally from Cohoes, NY. After decades of traveling and retirement, he resided in Tucson, AZ. It is there that he became connected with the oral tradition of storytelling and the legacy of Native American folklore. Through storytelling in Arizona he has been associated with many groups to include the US Forest Service, Western National Parks Association, Defenders of Wildlife, Arizona Historical Society and Canyon Ranch Resort. He has returned to the Capital District and is looking to share his enjoyment of retelling these wonderful stories.
More info on Gil

We were very sad to learn that Gil Payette passed away on September 15, 2019. You may read his obituary here.

Photo of Nancy Marie Payne Nancy Marie Payne enjoys the challenge of finding and writing new stories. Some of her tales, gleaned from history, tell of immigrants, orphan train riders, suffragettes, Underground Railroad characters and female pioneer aviators. Traditional tales and personal stories add a lighter touch to her repertoire. She performs locally and is always eager for new storytelling challenges. She conducts workshops for adults and children. nancymariepayne.blogspot.com

Click here to watch Nancy tell her story "Ruth Law: Breaking the Distance Record."

Photo of Joe Peck Joe Peck, a dairy farmer for over 50 years, is an author, humorous speaker and storyteller who enjoys sharing his boyhood memories of life on his family's dairy and fruit farm that he and his family still operate. He has published three books and is working on fourth which will be full of humorous stories about being raised on a farm during WW II. His stories are enjoyed by all ages. It is his hope that everyone will learn how exciting it is to live on a dairy farm. JoePeckOnline.com

Click here to watch Joe tell his story "Having Fun with Road Directions."

Photo of Karen Pillsworth Karen Pillsworth has been enchanting audiences all over the Northeast with her stories for over 25 years. She has performed in libraries, camps, churches, parks, schools, historic sites and at festivals. She is regularly featured at Mohonk Mountain House and has shared her stories on WAMC National Public Radio. As Storyteller Laureate, it is Karen's honor and privilege to serve the people of Kingston, New York by sharing her stories at events throughout the city and helping raise funds for various organizations. KarenPillsworth.com

Click here to watch Karen tell an orignal story "Betsy Bubblegum."

Photo of Ben Russell Ben Russell is currently attending the University at Albany majoring in Religious Studies. Ben has been involved with Children at the Well: Youth Storytellers for Peace & Understanding since it first began in 2006. Ben is a Jewish storyteller, having been raised in the Conservative Jewish branch. Many of Ben's stories are humorous, often focusing on the fictionalized Polish town of Chelm. With his association with Children at the Well, Ben has told stories for conferences, on radio, and on television.

Click here to watch Ben tell "The Wisest Man in Chelm."

Photo of Sandy Schuman For years, Sandy Schuman has used storytelling in his work as a management consultant, group facilitator, and trainer. Recently he has been sharing his stories of life, culture, and history with youth and adult audiences, including Tellabrations. And Story Sundays. Using his group facilitation skills, Sandy can help a group to tell its collective story, reconstructing its past, reflecting on the present, and imagining the future.
More info on Sandy

Click here to watch Sandy tell his story "It's Hard to Tell a Hug."

Photo of Beverly Schwartz For thirty five years, Beverly Schwartz taught on the elementary level in Troy. She enjoys telling stories that happened during her teaching career and experiences in her life. She received the National 1990 Chista McAuliffe award representing New York State. Subsequently Bev created a not-for-profit organization called STEM, a collaborative science program using area professionals, college professors and college students to help K-12th students consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
Photo of Susan Fantl Spivack Susan Fantl Spivack, long time storyteller, writer and teaching artist, tells traditional stories from many cultures, literary tales, oral histories and her own stories to audiences of all ages. For thirty years Ms Spivack conducted The Community Library Story hour in Cobleskill, NY, and taught poetry writing in area schools. With SweetLand Storytellers, she brings "Voices of the Vietnam War," a program of oral histories to adult and high school audiences. Ms. Spivack lives in Cobleskill, NY where she tells stories, writes, and gardens.
Photo of Tim Van Egmond
Photo by Simon Brooks
Tim Van Egmond weaves together songs, tunes, and tales – from the rib-tickling to the spine-tingling to the heartwarming. A versatile performer, Van Egmond moves easily from a rousing singalong to a gripping story. He accompanies himself on a wide variety of traditional instruments, including hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, mouth bow, and limberjack (a dancing wooden puppet that taps out a rhythm on a paddle board). His spellbinding talent, dynamic style, and engaging warmth create a magical experience for all ages.
More info on Tim
Photo of Frank-Lee Speaking Frank Wind and Dee Lee Wind (Frank-Lee Speaking) One plus one equals three? When you hire Frank-Lee Speaking you get 3 storytelling styles. Dee Lee Wind has been a professional storyteller for more than 35 years. Frank Wind became a storyteller after retiring from his position as a research scientist for a major oil company. They perform storytelling concerts and storytelling workshops for children, family audiences and adults. Together, they have been privileged to perform at festivals and concerts in Great Britain and Europe. More information

Click here to watch Frank tell his personal story "Grandma Goes Shopping."

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